Six Free “In-Store-Only” Harbor Freight Tools Coupons

FREE instoreonly coupons 2-4

Besides the low prices, sales and coupons, you’re probably also familiar with Harbor Freight’s free items. Sometimes you might come across a coupon for one in a flyer or email… or maybe two… but six?? And, good for a whole month?

Go to Harbor Freight Tools’ website now and find coupons for a FREE flashlight, tarp, screwdriver set, tape measure, power strip and magnetic parts holder– good for all February. One free item coupon per day.

It’s just another way for us to say how much we love our customers and want to get them the best deals around!

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Harbor Freight Tools Fans – How About Super Bowl XLVIII?

super bowl 2014


Hey, Harbor Freight Tools customers! Seahawks or Broncos??

And what’s your Superbowl snack of choice?

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Surprise Find with Harbor Freight Metal Detector

purple heart together

I have a Google Alert set up for “Harbor Freight” so I can keep up with what’s being said about the store, the company, what kind of projects people use our tools for, etc., and every once in a while I find a real gem. Recently, a gentleman posted in a forum that he was interested in metal detecting and thought he’d start with a low-cost model with which to get his feet wet. Practicing in his own yard, he had a most amazing find– which led to an even more amazing story:

“I have been searching for a cheap detector to learn with and try my hand at detecting. I found the detector at Harbor Freight, and for $45 dollars if it turns out to be junk, not much lost. I get the thing set up and familiarize myself with it and take off to my front yard. I found a dime about 4″ down, Then a penny. I then got a hit by the base of my tree. I dug down about 3″ and found a Purple Heart medal. I am not sure how it actually got there but I am assuming that it is from a home that was torn up during a tornado in 1992. I cleaned it up and could barely make out the name on the back. After a couple of hours searching on the internet looking for marital information for this fallen soldier in World War II, I stumbled across the soldiers son who shares his father’s name. A little more searching and I came up with a phone # for this gentlemen, who is 70 years old living in Colorado. I picked up the phone and called this man and began asking him questions, turns out he lived in my neighborhood until a divorce in 1978. He did still remember the address it wasn’t the same as mine, actually around the corner down the block from mine, which is how I came to the conclusion maybe his ex-wife continued to live here after the divorce, and in 1992 the home was compromised during the tornado. Well that is my story I am hooked now. I have found some more coins and lots of junk. I am surprised at the performance of this cheap detector.”

Scooter22 – 


Later in the thread, he indicated that he did, in fact, return the Purple Heart to the recipient’s son and that the man was extremely emotional and grateful.

Now granted, the fact that he was using a Harbor Freight Tools metal detector was incidental. Nevertheless, I can’t help but wonder if he didn’t find an equally-capable detector at such a reasonable price, would he have started the hobby? Would he have found the medal?– and wondering, I feel good that the company had a part in the story.

Here is the thread, if you’d like to read it:

metal detector 1

The metal detector Scooter22 was using (in case you were wondering) is the 9-Function Detector #67378 ($45.99). If you’re curious about its performance, I encourage you to read the customer reviews:

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From Small Beginnings…

allentown 1

In Eastern Pennsylvania,, the Allentown Rescue Mission strives day-to-day to take care of the city’s homeless;  victims of abuse, mental illness, addiction to drugs or alcohol, or just the nameless many experiencing hard times. One of their tremendous programs is the ‘Clean Team,’ founded in 2008 to help provide temporary transitional employment for formerly homeless men. During their stay on the Clean Team, the mission’s staff teaches them practical workplace values that they can take anywhere: being prompt, ready to work, safe, attentive, productive, flexible, working with others, etc. Serving over 70 men a year, the Clean Team helps change lives.

In an effort to support this noble endeavor, Harbor Freight Tools recently donated 250 pickup tools and 100 pair of work gloves to help provide the supplies needed for the team’s daily labors on the streets of Allentown and surrounding areas. With these tools, they can contract themselves out to do work for the City of Allentown, the Great Allentown Fair, Kutztown Folk Festival, Musikfest and many other venues.

It’s humbling to be able to help others change their lives. I am grateful that Harbor freight was able to have a small part in this good work.

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Harbor Freight Tools Parking Lot Sale – October 11-13!

PLS Banner 10-13

I’d like to personally invite everyone to Harbor Freight Tools’ huge semiannual Parking Lot Sale coming up this Fri.-Sun., October 11-13 at all of our stores across the country, and on our website,! This event includes some of the lowest prices of the year. You owe it to yourself to come down and check out all the great deals!

Click on the above banner to get a sneak peek at just some of the specials you’ll be seeing.

See you there!

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We Will Never Forget…

911 in-memory-of-those-we-have-lost

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Harbor Freight Tools Parking Lot Sale – August 23-25!!

Parking Lot Sale 8-2013-2

I’d like to personally invite everyone to our long-awaited Parking Lot Sale this Friday-Sunday, August 23-25! Doors open at 8:00 am and the savings are some of the best of the year. Click on the banner above to see some of Harbor Freight Tools‘ great deals– and just know, there are hundreds more NOT advertised!

I hope to see you there!

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It’s Back– The Parking Lot Sale!

parking lot sale

Those of you who’ve been shopping Harbor Freight Tools for awhile are probably familiar with our Parking Lot Sale. It’s one of the biggest sales we have each year, drawing numbers to the stores and, more recently, the website. Well, it’s that time again and this weekend the store will be advertising some of its best deals ever!

So I invite you to pay us a visit. Chances are that one thing you’ve been holding off to get will be on special this weekend– or may something else you didn’t even know you wanted.

We hope to see you there!

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Grand Openings in Murrieta, CA, Las Vegas, NV & Brooklyn, NY!

As Harbor Freight Tools continues to expand throughout the US, grand openings are happening with greater frequency! Join me in welcoming our three newest locations, all opening this Wednesday, June 5:


Murietta, CA Store

In Murrieta, CA…

las vegas

Las Vegas, NV store

Las Vegas, NV…


Brooklyn, NY store

…and in Brooklyn, NY!

Details of the addresses and grand opening celebrations can be found here, on Harbor Freight’s blog. Check out the details and come join us!


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News Video: Groundbreaking Day in Dillon, SC!

As has been reported in the news recently, Harbor Freight Tools invested $75 million to expand its distribution center in Dillon, SC, with plans to add approximately 1 million square feet of space to the company’s existing facility there. While all that’s terrific for Harbor Freight, the biggest news– especially for the good people of Dillon– is that along with the expansion comes 200 new jobs.

Here’s a great news clip on the project’s groundbreaking ceremony. This video really captures the excitement in the area! Dillon County has long been the hub of our eastern distribution network and South Carolina has been a great home for the company, providing a strong and skilled workforce.

The video also talks about Harbor Freight’s expansion of its Tools for Schools program in South Carolina through the donation of tools and equipment to local schools. I am thrilled and grateful to be able to contribute to this awesome community.


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