Happy 2015 – Save Those Harbor Freight Gift Cards for this Weekend!

January Blowout 2015

Harbor Freight January 2015 Parking Lot Sale

Happy 2015! Right out of the gate, we’re excited to start the year with a PLS, which we are aptly calling our “January Blowout Sale.” For those of you have held out on your purchases so you could cash in on the post-holiday liquidations, or those who cleaned up this year on Harbor Freight gift cards, or if you need to equip yourself for an awesome 2015 DIY project, now’s the time to strike. Click on the image overhead and check out all the deals coming up.

Also, Harbor Freight Tools continues to expand, opening new stores across the country. No doubt, you will soon be hearing about one coming to your neck of the woods. We look forward to seeing you!

Finally, thank you all for being such terrific customers. May you and your family have a rich and rewarding year!

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