The Hot Air Ballooner, the Lost Wallet and Harbor Freight

lost wallet letter

Over the Labor Day weekend, a man names Dick Rice was participating in a charity hot air balloon event in Colorado Springs, when he lost his wallet– it fell down to who-knows-where, and he feared it was the last he’d see of it, let alone the cash, ID and credit cards.

Last week, some workers were doing maintenance on the roof of the Colorado City Harbor Freight Tools and stumbled on the wallet. A few days later, Mr. Rice received it in the mail, fully intact, along with this note:

“Dear Sir, while doing maintenance on our AC we found your wallet on our roof. I do hope the address on your ID is current. We must say in our store we have never found a wallet on our roof before and can only assume you were here for the hot air balloon event. Your friends, Harbor Freight Tools Store #58.”

Mr. Rice was so impressed that he shared his experience with the media and social channels.

“I am so impressed I thought everybody should know about these terrific folks at Harbor Freight. They didn’t have to do that, but they did. In this era of entitlement and world turmoil, these folks took the time and spent a couple bucks to make someone else’s life better,” Rice said in a post on Facebook. “Thank you Harbor Freight Store #58.”

I am very happy for Mr. Rice. Losing a wallet is extremely distressing and there’s nothing better than having it restored 100% intact.

I also want to add my thanks to the Harbor Freight team in Colorado Springs for turning one man’s trial into a mightily positive experience. Nice job, folks!

To read more about this, here is a CBS News article:

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