500 Stores– Harbor Freight’s Growth is Amazing!

100th store

As this Facebook post announced, Harbor Freight Tools’ 100th store opened in Metaire, LA on August 8, 2001, almost 13 years ago. That was a big deal for us, and we were excited for what the future might bring for the company.

Well, I’m thrilled to announce the Grand Opening of our 500th store in Melrose Park, Illinois, this past July 2!

This is an important milestone for Harbor Freight, but it’s not our store count that’s most meaningful.  What matters even more are our enormous advancements in quality, the remarkable company team we’ve built and, of course, our commitment to our core values– excellence, continuous improvement, collaboration, doing the right thing, humility, frugality and community. When we started Harbor Freight 37 years ago, I never imagined we would achieve this level of success.

With our core values in mind, the opening of our 500th store is the perfect time to honor our commitment to community and to giving back. So to mark the occasion, we’re bringing Harbor Freight Tools for Schools to Chicago with a donation of $100,000 to support educational advancements and vocational training in Chicago area public schools. The recipients of the donation will be identified and announced later this summer.

A huge thanks goes to all of our customers who, over the years, have helped build this company into what it is today. Your suggestions for products and locations, and your loyalty to our stores, are the reason why we’ve grown so much so fast. I look forward to our continuing the pace together. Thank you.


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